Making Noise for Lockdown Festival

SouthWest AdVans have just completed a 1 month ad campaign promoting the mighty Lockdown Festival.

The ad van adventure saw us spending the 1st few days of the mission at Boardmasters Festival in Newquay. The event was perfect for our target audience of festival goers and party animals. At the height of the campaign we counted approximately 1200 pedestrians per hour passing our ad van. The 6 x 3 metre mobile billboard was certainly turning heads, and the impressive line up for the Lockdown Festival brought positive reactions from hundreds of visitors to Newquay.

We continued our quest in Falmouth and Truro, soaking up the busy streets of Falmouth week and the heavy tourist filled traffic of Tregolls Road in the city.

At our clients' request we moved the van to Exeter to be seen at the popular Beautfiul Days Festival. Again a perfect hunting ground for young music lovers. The bank holiday weekend saw SouthWest AdVans visit Bristol and Cardiff to move slowly around the busy streets, parking our ad van in key spots over the 3 days.

Last on the list was the hugely attended Massive Attack gig at Bristol Downs. An Estimated 27,000 people attended the event, with our mobile billboard appearing at key locations around Bristol.

A really great campaign with targeted advertising at its best!